The Good ol’ Red White and Blue

Happy Fourth of July! | Sense of Sunny

This month marks the most consecutive days of the year that I feel compelled to soak up every hour of the day. The mountains call my name, the wine pours itself, the to-do list regenerates, and people all around me just seem more pleasant. The true meaning of summer, if you ask me. I’m looking forward to a quick trip home to visit family, a work-related conference, getting through my stack of library books, and lots of trips to the farmers market. If this is what it means to be an adult, I’ll take it.

The Fourth of July always makes me especially giddy. There’s something about sparklers and the good ol’ red white and blue that just never goes out of style. If you’re low on the RWB garb this holiday season, walk into any Old Navy in America and your problem will be quickly solved.

Speaking of Old Navy, I recently bought these mid-rise, dark wash, Rockstar jeans on a whim. If you know anything about the struggle to find a good pair of affordable jeans, you know what I mean when I say this was an incredible feat and it is imperative that I share with everyone. I need to have a word with whoever decided low-rise jeans were acceptable for any average woman’s body. Literally. Why???????

Besides raving about these jeans to everyone I know, I fully intend on spending the next couple days breathing in that fresh American air, practicing self control subjecting myself to holiday sales, and maybe catching the big Team USA game. And fireworks, always fireworks.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend!


  • Tony Smith

    MURICA enuff Said lol