That Failure Feeling

That Failure Feeling | Sense of Sunny

The feeling of failure comes with the territory of being an authentic, compassionate, real human being. I’d like to think that most of us are all of those things, therefore, I bet you’ve felt a little bit of failure in your life time. Maybe you’ve let that resolution go. Maybe you’ve been working on a mile long to-do list that never seems to get done. Maybe everything just feels a little blah.

Failure is a feeling, but it’s not what you’re doing. Because failure means that you’re done. That it’s over. That you’ve reached the end of all potential. And of course, that can’t be true.

The expectations we set for ourselves are often huge. As in we’re wading through a giant forest. We’re running towards our visions and our goals, but while we’re looking 20 miles ahead, we’re tripping on roots. We’re running into trees. We’re getting rained on and birds are pooping on our head. We feel like we’re failing.

But we’re still in the forest. We’re still moving. It’s not over.

So, what do you do when you get that failure feeling?

Check your eyes.

Losing sight of what we’re trying to achieve is the number one reason why we will wander so far off the path that we aren’t even sure where we’re trying to go. What are you actually looking at? Do you even know? Getting a reminder of the big picture will ease some of the pressure we put on ourselves to do exactly the thing we planned to do to get to the exact place we planned to go.

Don’t forget that many times there are many paths that will support us. For example, maybe you want to get healthy in the new year and begin to struggle with your daily exercise routine. That’s okay! Because getting healthier comes in many different variations. Look at other ways you can keep your path aligned with your goal. Just like driving on the road, sometimes our blind spots will make the biggest impact on our lives. Being too close or far sighted can make us miss the biggest object in the road.

Check your feet.

Walking with shoes will only help you so long as they’re tied (or Velcroed, if that’s your thing) and cover some part of your foot. Pay attention to your struggle. Maybe your shoes are too tight. Maybe they’re tore up from the floor up. Maybe they’re simply no longer your style. Take a look at your shoes. Are they still the right pair? Are they still taking you to the right places?

The concept of “change” is one that frightens people and makes everything look a little more difficult, but if something just isn’t working for you, change is crucial. Change is critical. Change is the only thing that will ensure that you’re finding the best for you. Sometimes we change because things are just not working. Sometimes we change because we prefer the new way. Sometimes we change because we have no choice. Sometimes we don’t change and wonder why our struggles have stayed the same.

Check your heart.

Other times, all you really need is a deep cry, a passionate yell. But emotions are pretty patient things. They sit back and wait for you to give them permission to roar. If you push them down, they go deep. They go deep inside your heart and get tangled up with everything else that you keep there. The longer you keep them in those dark and quiet spaces, the more you begin to question their existence.

Meanwhile, your heart is distracted with untangling itself and watching those emotions grow. But your heart is meant for loving, caring, and understanding. Your heart is not equipped to deal with the sheltering of your cries, the muffling of your yells. So let them out. Take a moment to let them go. Your heart will thank you for the space. Your heart will love you for letting it breathe.