Survival Weekend

Some times when life is getting you down, you just need to take a Survival Weekend. Like a straight up avoiding-the-real-world type weekend. You can watch as much Netflix as you want, eat as many cookies as you want, stay up as late as you want, read as long as you want, and consume as much coffee as you want. You can abandon civilization and escape to a private island…or you can travel 4 hours to sleep on your parent’s couch. The possibilities are truly endless!

Although I’m generally optimistic and have no problem getting a little dirty with life’s messes, I also think that sometimes it’s necessary to take a little break, walk away, and clean yourself up. My creativity was diminishing, my excuses were multiplying, and my energy was depleting, so I took matters into my own dirty hands. My Survival Weekend included, but was not limited to…

Chef's Table

Binge watching the most perfect foodie documentary known to man, Chef’s Table. This is an incredible series that tells the stories of world-renowned chefs–their cooking philosophy, history, and technique. Definitely give this a go if you have Netflix and any appreciation for food, cooking, agriculture, beautiful landscapes, international cuisine, creatives, and/or hard-working-BA-dream-followers.

Cafe Moka

Drinking my iced coffee black (for the first time ever!) at Cafe Moka. My favorite kind of hunt is the one for a good cup o’ joe. This coffee shop is filled with so much good authentic intention it hurts. Their brand name is based off the original 15th century coffee trading port of al-Moka, Yemen. Their bar is filled with the coolest brewing contraptions. They are always busy. They sell macarons. All signs point north, my friend.

Feeling 100% cooler than usual at a local joint, Work | Release. Until this weekend, I never had any wild idea that an arts venue, exhibition, and bar could coexist. The exhibit, Nobody Writes Letters Anymore, was an adage to the place of graffiti culture in our society. The diminishing role of “traditional human communication… is the plight of the writer” they said, as the sounds of an electronica saxophonist played in the background. “Pass me a Red Bull cocktail,” I replied.

Paper Source, Market List | Sense of SunnyForest Feast Art Prints, Paper Source | Sense of Sunny

Perusing the shelves of heaven at Paper Source. I have a not so secret obsession with calligraphy, hand lettering, doodling, notebooks, stationary…anything that has to do with paper and a writing utensil, really. You can add this magical, happy-inducing store to the same list that includes Trader Joe’s and Ikea *PERFECT PLACES THAT DON’T EXIST WITHIN 100 MILES OF MY TOWN*. I’m loving the Farmer’s Market theme–these adorable prints combine my love for food and list making.

I made progress on my ambitiously large stack of books. I drank more coffee, ate a lot of cookies, and yes, I even slept on my parent’s couch. But best of all, I skipped Monday and gracefully dove head first into the rest of the summer.

What does your ideal avoiding-the-real-world Survival Weekend look like?