On My List: Healthy Living Cookbooks

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On My List: Healthy Living Cookbooks | Sense of Sunny

On my pursuit of living well, I am always on the lookout for new ideas to come to life in the kitchen. Cooking for one is definitely not always easy, but getting to decide whether it’s mac and cheese night or something-cooked-with-wine night is an unparalleled luxury. At a very young age, I learned the art of Food Network marathons. In my very old age, I over-pin to my “bon appétit.” Pinterest board when hunger strikes. However, before cable TV and the Internet, there were good ol’ fashioned cookbooks.

With many of my summer celebrations now over, it’s time to get back into sustainable healthy habits. Food seems to be the easiest way for me to start fresh. These five cookbooks are in a sea of billions, but their focus on guilt-free healthy living caught my attention.


Everyday Super Food

Besides Jamie Oliver looking extremely pleased with life, the simple cover of his book made me want to look inside. He explains within the first few pages that all of his recipes were developed with the intention in mind that they would always be reliable choices for your taste buds, health, and budget. All breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes fall within a healthy calorie range and pan out to be about $4 per serving. I really appreciate the concept of this cookbook and the thought that was given to offering real choices for real people that just want to eat good food.


Clean Slate: A Cookbook and Guide

The “Guide” part of this cookbook is what immediately drew me in. Part of living a healthy lifestyle, is learning what the heck that even means. I appreciate a book/cookbook combo and this one seems like it will deliver. While I try not to buy too many processed foods, it’s such a hard habit to kick in the society we live, where they’re seemingly around every corner. This cookbook really seems to break down what is necessary to achieve a clean diet. I love their use of words like “reenergize” and “restore” to describe food. It’s so important to realize that clean, whole food is not an enemy, but rather fuel that will energize and strengthen your body.


The Forest Feast

Not gonna lie, the first thought I had when I saw this cookbook was *coffee table.* It’s just. so. pretty. Watercolor can make anything look spectacular, including vegetables. It can be so easy to forget how many amazing, bacon-less recipes are out there in the world. Also, it was noted that most all of the recipes in this cookbook only require three or four ingredients. Which is music to my ears and ideal for my current (…empty…) cabinet situation.


Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking

 I discovered this cookbook from following the Minimalist Baker’s blog. The minimalist kitchen concept is really attractive to me. It focuses on investing in quality products when possible and appliances that serve multiple functions. I think I do this on accident, but nevertheless, it’s definitely helped me to refrain from wasting food and space in my kitchen. Some people get really scared by the terms “gluten-free” and “vegan” which is silly, but I think there’s a lot of recipes in this cookbook that would satisfy any appetite, including Pizza Stuffed Mushrooms and Pumpkin Chai Tea Latte (YUM.)


It’s All Good

I looked into this one mostly because “it’s all good” is one of my go-to sayings. And not to mention, who doesn’t want to look good and feel great, ya know? The inspiration for this cookbook came after Gwyneth experienced a few health set backs and was placed on an elimination diet to allow her body to heal. This meant getting rid of coffee, alcohol, dairy, eggs, sugar, shell-fish, deep-water fish, wheat, meat, soy and anything processed. Sounded like quite the lofty goal to me, but while I skimmed through her cookbook, I found so many fabulous sounding recipes! Maybe I should do some eliminatin’….

Do you own any of these? If so, what are you thoughts?
Do you have any other recommendations?