New Year

I Resolve to Invest | Sense of Sunny

Nine hours before the ball dropped, I was toying with my pencil in a coffee shop, trying really hard to reflect on the past and decide my big New Years resolution. It was about to be the first 365th day of the year where it felt like I had no fires bursting in my heart, no crystal clear visions for the future.

January was steadfast. February was slow. March was a reminder. April was forgotten. May was a deep breath. June was a double take. July was a dream. August was a nightmare. September was an answer. October was an adventure. November was a thank you. December was warm.

The year 2015 was of no grand gesture, but it was full of so much time that I spent in curiosity, wonder and love.

The New Year isn’t necessarily about the goals we set. It’s not about the plans, resolutions, strategies or failures of the past – we can think about those any day. It is about the celebration of time and what we choose to do with it day after day. It’s about the people we spend it with. The things we do that make it pass quickly and, when we’re lucky, slowly. The New Year is about the culmination of every big and small moment that make up the course of our lives.

It’s about the brief second when you’re sitting in a coffee shop, toying with your pencil, and you realize that 12 months of small sparks are enough to light up your whole sky.

This year, I simply resolve to invest. Invest in my light, so that I may share it with all of you.

Happy January 3rd,