(Last Minute) Gift Ideas: Mother’s Day

Mother's Day + 10 Non-Traditional Gift Ideas | Sense of Sunny

Every holiday that involves planning a gift for my mom has usually started with me asking what she wants. Which is a terrible tactic for someone who has often said something along the lines of, “nothing” or “everyone to be good.” My siblings and I haven’t always been able to be good agree to disagree when we’re together, so we’ve often had to overcompensate with presenting a slew of gifts, each one different than the last, and usually painted, cut, glued, cooked, wrapped and/or delivered.

While “being good” comes more naturally the older we get, the unique and worthwhile gift ideas start to wane after many years of birthday celebrations, Christmas mornings and Mother’s Day’s have come and gone. While I’m definitely not one to hate on a fresh bouquet of flowers or a new candle, those things usually end up in the same place. The trash.

And how terrible is that?!

Making memories will warm the heart for a lifetime. If you’re still piecing together the perfect Mother’s Day for that wondrous woman in your life, look no further than this list of (last minute) non-traditional gift ideas.

  1. Write a heartfelt and thoughtful letter detailing a happy memory or your appreciation for all she’s done for you. Bonus points if you use nice stationary. Check out my favorite store, Paper Source, for all your paper needs. Or Target, they’re nice too.
  2. Take her somewhere new, like a local restaurant that you know serves one of her favorite foods, a new museum exhibit, or a funny play. If you need some help, look no further than this list of The Best Cheap (or Free) Museums in All 50 States.
  3. Utilize Mother Nature to give the gift of active relaxation and go on a hike, scope out a scenic view, or take a long walk together.
  4. Find a farm and go strawberry picking. It’s the perfect time of year for it. You can let the fun go on and bake something together when you return home with 14 pounds of berries. One time I obsessed about strawberries and made some bangin’ fruit salsa.
  5. Visit your local botanical garden. Mom’s love plants.
  6. Get the family together and snap some updated pictures to replace the ones where you look embarrassing. Even better if you get a little goofy–those are the most fun.
  7. Find some old home videos and plan a viewing party with Pinterest worthy snacks.
  8. Check out GroupOn or LivingSocial and choose a random experience you can both do for the first time like going on a rock climbing adventure or taking a dessert making class or dance lesson.
  9. Create a special Mother’s Day brunch menu and surprise her with a home-cooked meal. And then clean it all up when you’re done. Food & Wine is the mecca of all Mother’s Day recipes.
  10. Spend the afternoon at a winery and learn how to experience el vino the real way. If you’d rather teach her yourself, this article is good place to start. See, swirl, smell, sip and swallow.


What is your Mother’s Day plan this year?


  • http://www.a-touch-of-teal.com Katie Urban

    Such a great roundup! I am definitely going to steal some of these ideas and think about them for Father’s Day, too!

    • http://www.senseofsunny.com/ Stephanie

      Thanks, Katie! Steal away!