First Vitacost Haul

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Vitacost Haul | Sense of Sunny

Give me snacks and I’m a happy girl, but give me HEALTHY snacks and I will love you forever. I recently posted about my newfound obsession with Vitacost on Twitter and just needed to share all the goodies I received in the mail last week.

If you’ve never heard of Vitacost, it’s an online store that sells vitamins, supplements, health foods and about 1 billion other things at mostly discount prices. To make things even more magical, if you sign up using my link or the code RFZQN3ZS, you will receive $10 towards your first $30+ order. Vitacost offers free 2 day shipping on all orders over $49! Aside from the great selection, free 2 day shipping really pushed me to order my first box. I placed my order Monday night and it was waiting for me by lunch on Wednesday. For me, the worst thing about online shopping is the long grueling delivery time, and I loved that Vitacost only made me get through one full day of agony. And boy, was it worth the wait.

My first Vitacost haul:

Barnana Organic Chewy Banana Bites (Coconut) – $1.99

I was originally on a quest for healthier snacks. I have one in between breakfast and lunch and another between lunch and dinner (and dessert if I’m feeling crazy) so it’s easy to get bored with my go-to options. Dried fruit is a great treat, but it’s SO hard to find it in it’s purest form, without weird things like sulfur dioxide and added sugars. The ingredients in this package are literally “organic bananas, organic coconuts.” Another fun fact about Barnana’s (what a great name) is that they’re actually made from “upcycled bananas,” which are the ones that are deemed imperfect at the farm and never actually make it to the store. What a waste! They taste amazing and come in cubes. They remind me of energy balls, but obviously not in ball form. I definitely recommend them for a sweet snack.

Badia Black Pepper and Pink Himalayan Salt grinders – $2.49, $2.99

I’ve been using my cutesy succulent ceramic shakers from Target, but it was time I upgraded. I love how cheap, simple and easy these grinders are. They’re easy to twist and release perfectly sized grounds of salt and pepper. I’m sure there’s some type of health benefit to using the pink stuff (if so, someone please educate me!) I mostly bought them because they were the cheapest.

Vitacost Haul | Sense of Sunny

MaraNatha Natural Almond Butter – $7.99

If you’ve never eaten almond butter, you’re really missing out. It’s such a pleasant change from your traditional peanut butter. Almond butter contains more of the healthy fats than peanut butter and much more vitamin E, iron and calcium. It’s a mild almond flavor with tons of variations on the market, such as maple, vanilla and cocoa/coconut. This specific brand is so much cheaper than others I’ve seen, equally delicious and actually stays true to it’s claim of being “no stir.” I love to add it to smoothies and my toast with bananas and a dash of cinnamon.

Justin’s Organic Peanut Butter Cups (Dark Chocolate) >>similar $5.39<<

While I love almond butter, I will always have a lil PB weakness in my heart. This purchase was definitely a treat. The cups are out of stock, but the link above is for a bag of the minis, which honestly sounds even more appealing. They are your tried and true peanut butter cups with easy to read organic ingredients and none of that questionable TBHQ preservative found in Reese’s (and many other processed foods.)

Vitacost Haul | Sense of Sunny

Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar – $4.58

We could sit here and chat all. day. long. about the benefits and uses of ACV. It’s basically the miracle cure for everything. You can clean with it, cook with it, drink it, wash your hair with it or turn it into a face mask. I first discovered all of these great benefits during a stressful morning in college when heartburn struck me out of no where. After a quick Google search, I found that ACV would fix me right up–and it did! Of course, like anything, there are varying levels of quality ACV. Even the generic cooking type did the trick for me! Lately, I’ve been using ACV for more than just quick heart burn cures. The Bragg brand is organic and raw, meaning they’ve left all of the *floaties* that result when you ferment apples. If you give the bottle a quick shake, you barely notice it,  but this is what makes Bragg’s ACV the best on the shelf.

Chosen Foods Chia Seeds – $4.89

I would say chia seeds are in the same category as ACV, in that it serves so many purposes and is best bought in large quantities. For every small tablespoon of chia seeds, you will receive fiber, omega-3 fats, protein, vitamins and minerals. A real super food. These are great sprinkled over most things–smoothie, yogurt, salad. They are absolutely flavorless, add a tad bit of crunch and, when they come in contact with a liquid, they turn into a cool gel-like consistency.

Vitacost Haul | Sense of Sunny

KIND Nuts + Spices Variety Pack – $16.02

Granola bars are one of my favorite snacks, but they can be so tricky to navigate at the grocery store. Between giant ingredient lists and humongous amounts of sugar, many granola bars can sound really healthy on the outside, but turn into candy on the inside. Marketing and advertising is powerful, but don’t let it fool you! While I mostly encourage homemade granola bars above anything, I’m a fan of quick and easy. On my search for a granola bar with minimal ingredients and fewer amounts of sugar, these KIND bars were a great alternative. But like I said, they’re tricky, and the best trick is to buy the Nuts + Spices variety. They offer great protein, the least amount of sugar and no weird ingredients.

Vitacost Quinoa – $4.94

Quinoa, oh quinoa. As basic as it makes me, I have really come to appreciate quinoa and it’s irreplaceable presence in my life. It’s a very bland “psuedo-grain” and is one of the few plant-based sources of complete protein. I love to add it to my Buddha Bowls, mix it into my homemade granola bars and eat it as a side when topped with a little olive oil and spices. It’s also a great rice replacement! It’s most useful when you make a big batch of it at the beginning of the week and find ways to incorporate it into your meals.


Have you ever shopped Vitacost? What products do you buy/want to try out?