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On My List: Cozy Fall Soup Recipes (Vegetarian)

On My List: Cozy Fall Soup Recipes (Vegetarian) | Sense of Sunny

With fall finally in the air, it’s time to rejoice and bust out the crock pots. Lately, I’ve been craving all things warm and cozy. A giant bowl of steaming hot soup is perfect for the occasion. The magic of cooking really comes to life during the process of making soup, with the combination of flavors and smells wafting through the kitchen. Most soup recipes have pretty large serving sizes that make for a great dish to serve up at a party or tailgate, or enjoy as leftovers all week long. Below is a list of soup recipes that epitomize the season. Happy cooking!

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On My List: Healthy Living Cookbooks

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On My List: Healthy Living Cookbooks | Sense of Sunny

On my pursuit of living well, I am always on the lookout for new ideas to come to life in the kitchen. Cooking for one is definitely not always easy, but getting to decide whether it’s mac and cheese night or something-cooked-with-wine night is an unparalleled luxury. At a very young age, I learned the art of Food Network marathons. In my very old age, I over-pin to my “bon appétit.” Pinterest board when hunger strikes. However, before cable TV and the Internet, there were good ol’ fashioned cookbooks.

With many of my summer celebrations now over, it’s time to get back into sustainable healthy habits. Food seems to be the easiest way for me to start fresh. These five cookbooks are in a sea of billions, but their focus on guilt-free healthy living caught my attention.

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