Favorite Things

Favorite Things 2.0

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Favorite Things 2.0

Hi, friends. Long time, no see! It’s been a little hectic around here this summer. Between short trips, long days at work, being in a wedding, and only having 24 hours in a day, I’ve found it quite difficult to work up the gumption to formulate cohesive words to share with you all. Despite all of that, I’m never gone for good. And this time around, I have words. So many words! It’s funny how quickly one small discovery can change everything. For me, these changes are coming in the form of living a more natural, chemical-free life. While I promise to go into more detail about this in a future post, I just had to share with you all the tip of the iceberg–my favorite things lately.

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Favorite Things 1.0

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate link(s).

Favorite Things 1.0 | Sense of Sunny

Can you believe it’s already May?? Time just flies right on by. Today I’m sharing a new series! One of my blog weaknesses is reading lists and link roundups. Mostly because I’m nosy about what other people are doing and discovering. Hopefully my favorite things will inspire you to discover more of yours.

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Currently Playing: Podcasts

Currently Playing: Podcasts | Sense of Sunny

I used to travel back and forth between campus and my parents’ house for college breaks. During an average academic year, this would amount to at least 10 four-hour car rides that I desperately needed to get through without looking at my phone or crying of boredom or sleepiness (that happened…) The podcast world is one that I’m so lucky I discovered, and I haven’t looked back since.

There are so many reasons why podcasts are perfect. They pass the time, spark all sorts of creativity and inspiration and not to mention, they don’t give you car sickness! A win-win-win.

This week I will be doing a lot of sitting around as I fly my way to Florida for wedding celebrations and fun in the sun. I have my book club read ready to go, but wanted to get my podcast arsenal updated. These are some of my recommendations.

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Easy Like Sunday Morning

Easy Like Sunday Morning | Sense of Sunny

Good morning, friends! One of my all time favorite things about the weekend is when I can wake up early on Sunday morning, have a warm mug in hand, and enjoy the calm that comes before the rest of the world starts their day. Quiet moments like this allow my buzzing mind and inevitably crazy week ahead seem just a little more bearable. There are enough complicated things in our lives, and Sunday mornings do not need to be added to that list. I’ve pulled together a few things to help you start your day with ease. Enjoy!

The perfect playlist for that coffee-in-hand feeling.

My all time favorite Vanilla Almond Granola recipe for an easy breakfast all week.

The best search engine for book lovers who always need a good recommendation.

Happy Sunday!