5 Road Trip Essentials For Holiday Travel

Road Trip Essentials for Holiday Travel | Sense of Sunny

Holiday travel season is upon us! From parties, family reunions and romantic getaways to dreaded shopping malls and grocery stores, we’re bound to spend a lot of time in the car these next couple months.

Below are a few essentials to get you through your next road trip and the plight of holiday traffic.

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A Guide to Traveling Solo

A Guide to Traveling Solo | Sense of Sunny

Last fall, I felt a fire under me that wanted to explore, wanted to wander, wanted to do the thing I was dreaming of doing. As you read here, “the thing” was spending some time in one of my favorite cities, Washington DC. So, I departed on my first solo vacation and never looked back.

Everyone should make a habit of traveling solo–to the movie theater, the local market, or a place many miles away. The experience was all I imagined it would be, both exhilarating and centering, exhausting and liberating, but resulted in a few lessons learned along the way.

Keep reading for some tips on planning before, during and after your best trip ever!

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Chasing the World: My Top 3 Winter Travel Destinations

I’ll never understand the type of person who has no ounce of desire to travel. On this big beautiful planet of ours, there is so much to see and experience that stretches so far beyond the home we’ve found ourselves and the safe spaces we’ve created. In my attempt to avoid the aftermath of #blizzard2016, I spent many hours dreaming big this week. Keep reading to see my top 3 winter travel destinations!

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A Hungry Girl Goes to DC

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"You are what you eat. So don't be fast, cheap, easy or fake." | Sense of Sunny

Hey, friends. It seems I’ve been a little MIA these days. But, no fear, I’m still here!

I once read that we should think about our lives in terms of seasons. We may have seasons of nose-to-the-grind productivity, seasons of awakening and transformation, and seasons of change and navigation. Sometimes we have seasons of hunger. Hunger for more.

In the not-so-distant past, I was fighting a strong urge to jump on a plane and fly far, far away. My unsatiated appetite for more life was not being curbed in my tiny apartment or amidst my hectic schedule. So I did the next best thing a girl (who can’t just jump on a plane) is to do and spent four weeks planning a very well thought-out trip that I knew would bring me more life.

What does more life look like, you may ask?

Like the 118 year old marble floors of the Thomas Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress, the world’s largest collection of knowledge and creativity. The impactful stories on every floor of the Newseum. The uneven cobblestone paths along the streets of Georgetown. The sidewalk inspiration in Old Town Alexandria. The martini and table for one at a snazzy pizzeria. The intricate and mesmerizing architecture around every turn. The rows of historic homes and artisanal market goods. The miles of sidewalks, metro tracks, and roads that led me where I planned to go for four exhaustively wonderful days.

Check out my trip details below!

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An Ode to Summer

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An Ode to Summer | Sense of Sunny

While I longingly anticipate the arrival of the *real* (controversial) PSL, some cozy cashmere, and the crispness of fall, nothing compares to the dog days of summer. I will miss the easy breeziness of it all. Some of my favorite memories could only be possible between the months of May and August. Alright, May is still spring and September is still summer, but who’s counting.

Like a bee in a meadow of wild flowers, my summer flew right on by. I have so many exciting things to look forward to in the cooler months, but I couldn’t let the season pass without a proper adieu.

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