4 Ways to Manage Your Big Vision on a Small Budget

Project Bedroom: Big Vision, Small Budget | Sense of Sunny

Kitchens make food and bathrooms keep you clean, but your bedroom is where you make big decisions every single day. Are you going to push snooze eight thousand times or spring to your feet and crush that to-do list? Since entering my angsty high schooler phase of life, many moons ago, I have discovered that the ultimate feeling of comfort and solace can be found in the privacy of my own space.

As a tried-and-true introvert, my bedroom serves as a charging station to the center of my well-being. I love the victorious feeling of shutting the door before crawling into bed. It’s like saying #SEEYANEVER to the day.

Here are four ways I’ve managed to achieve my big vision on a small budget.

Big Vision, Small Budget | Sense of Sunny    Big Vision, Small Budget | Sense of Sunny
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Get Realistic

When my ultimate dream bedroom looks like a linen comforter covered California King sized bed with a table side vase of fresh lavender that sits atop a Persian rug…it can certainly be hard to make decisions in the best interest of my bank account. Like any other budget-friendly creative project, you have to take cautious steps when considering the elements you want in a space. After realizing that my ultimate dream bedroom was not realistic, I had to move on. What did I like so much about those elements and how could I achieve the same essence? I wanted to invest my time, energy, and dolla dolla billz into finding pieces that would serve a purpose and not feel like a total piece of junk that looked much cooler on the store shelf. Easy peezy, right? Not so much, however, I’ve slowly but surely discovered that a little patience goes a long way.

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Stay Persistent

Over the past few months, it feels like I’m finally hitting the jackpot. After waiting my whole life finding an amazing deal on Zulily, the fashion and home decor mecca of the internet, I was able to invest in a white down comforter. The next step was to hunt for a duvet cover and, little did I know, those don’t exist in 99% of retail stores between the months of February and September. My timing is impeccable, I tell you. As usual, Target made my dreams come true and there I found an affordable ($35 bucks guys!) plain white, super soft duvet cover. Cloud bed, check.


Do It Yourself

Another aspect of my bedroom that I wanted to change was the bare walls. I don’t have windows (don’t even get me started on that) so the space tends to stay pretty dim. Thankfully, I remembered that I purchased two blank canvases that still needed a purpose. After scrolling through my endless Pinterest feed for inspiration, I came across a very simple (and very cheap) idea here. All it took was two colors of paint (silver and *linen*), a few disposable foam brushes, and ta-da! A bright, yet simple abstract piece of art to hang above my now cloud bed.

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Don’t Settle

Finding a desk was one of the most important pieces for me to get right. I knew it would be a challenge finding one that was big enough to be functional, small enough to fit comfortably, and pretty enough for me to decorate with all of my pens and notebooks. Y’ALL. I finally found what I was looking for (at Target, again, of course). I can’t wait to share all of the good ideas that will originate on its surface. Here’s to hoping I don’t splatter ink all over it this week.

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How do you manage your big vision on a small budget?