24 Things: Birthday Bucket List

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24 Things: Birthday Bucket List | Sense of Sunny

I have a thing for birthdays. How awesome is it that everyone gets one whole day out of the year to celebrate themselves?! While I’m not always great at establishing concrete New Year’s resolutions (as you read here), I appreciate a good birthday bucket list. They’re a reminder that you can accomplish whatever you want during your own time. While my birthday is still another 12 days away, my birthday month is in full swing, and who says you can’t celebrate for the entire month! When we have a flame that is trying to flicker in our soul, we shouldn’t wait to let it burn.

In my 24th year, these are my 24 things.

  1. Cut at least 6 inches of my hair.
    I did it! As a birthday present to myself, I strolled into the salon, said “cut it off” and 8 inches slipped away. I’m not sure what took me so long. Everything is so much easier with shorter hair! Check out this post for a before and after picture.
  2. Clarify my investment plan.
  3. Volunteer for a cause I am passionate about.
  4. Create “business” cards.
  5. Buy this record player.
  6. Publish some words.
  7. Take one course via General Assembly, Coursera, SkillShare, or like college.
  8. Establish a higher monthly savings goal.
  9. Travel to 1 city/state I’ve never been.
  10. Be more intentional with celebrating others.
  11. Finish 5 books already on my bookshelf.
  12. Take another solo trip.
  13. Tip 100% at least once.
  14. Schedule a health check-up.
  15. Sell a product/service.
  16. Buy a new pair of glasses and wear them more frequently.
    In March I ordered the Barnett glasses in Toffee Fade from Warby Parker. And in perfect timing–these spring allergies have been killing my eye balls. If you’re in the market for a new pair of specs and can’t deal with paying hundreds of dollars, definitely check out the Warby Home Try-On. They have so many colors and styles for only $95.
  17. Donate to my college and sorority at least once.
  18. Go to a live TEDx event.
  19. Watch the sunrise from outside.
  20. Systematize important documents (taxes, bills, etc.)
  21. Take more professional non-iphone head shots.
  22. Take back control of my email. #inboxzero
  23. Master Crow Pose without falling on my face.
  24. Minimize my wardrobe to include only the shoes, clothes and accessories I actually wear.

I’ll keep this list updated so you can follow along with my progress.

I’d love to know, what does your bucket list look like?

Happy February 1st,