On My List: Healthy Living Cookbooks

On My List: Healthy Living Cookbooks | Sense of Sunny

On my pursuit of living well, I am always on the lookout for new ideas to come to life in the kitchen. Cooking for one is definitely not always easy, but getting to decide whether it’s mac and cheese night or something-cooked-with-wine night is an unparalleled luxury. At a very young age, I learned the art of Food Network marathons. In my very old age, I over-pin to my “bon appĂ©tit.” Pinterest board when hunger strikes. However, before cable TV and the Internet, there were good ol’ fashioned cookbooks.

With many of my summer celebrations now over, it’s time to get back into sustainable healthy habits. Food seems to be the easiest way for me to start fresh. These five cookbooks are in a sea of billions, but their focus on guilt-free healthy living caught my attention.

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A Guide to Traveling Solo

A Guide to Traveling Solo | Sense of Sunny

Last fall, I felt a fire under me that wanted to explore, wanted to wander, wanted to do the thing I was dreaming of doing. As you read here, “the thing” was spending some time in one of my favorite cities, Washington DC. So, I departed on my first solo vacation and never looked back.

Everyone should make a habit of traveling solo–to the movie theater, the local market, or a place many miles away. The experience was all I imagined it would be, both exhilarating and centering, exhausting and liberating, but resulted in a few lessons learned along the way.

Keep reading for some tips on planning before, during and after your best trip ever!

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(Last Minute) Gift Ideas: Mother’s Day

Mother's Day + 10 Non-Traditional Gift Ideas | Sense of Sunny

Every holiday that involves planning a gift for my mom has usually started with me asking what she wants. Which is a terrible tactic for someone who has often said something along the lines of, “nothing” or “everyone to be good.” My siblings and I haven’t always been able to be good agree to disagree when we’re together, so we’ve often had to overcompensate with presenting a slew of gifts, each one different than the last, and usually painted, cut, glued, cooked, wrapped and/or delivered.

While “being good” comes more naturally the older we get, the unique and worthwhile gift ideas start to wane after many years of birthday celebrations, Christmas mornings and Mother’s Day’s have come and gone. While I’m definitely not one to hate on a fresh bouquet of flowers or a new candle, those things usually end up in the same place. The trash.

And how terrible is that?!

Making memories will warm the heart for a lifetime. If you’re still piecing together the perfect Mother’s Day for that wondrous woman in your life, look no further than this list of (last minute) non-traditional gift ideas.

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