You Can Do Hard Things

You Can Do Hard Things | Sense of Sunny

Remember that one time I wrote about the importance of journaling? Well friends, while I’ve been very bad at talking to you, I’ve been really good at talking to myself over the last year. Often times, I write and write and write and rarely look back. Each entry usually ends with me figuring it out or making a decision or realizing that I have something else I need to be doing. But this morning, as I was sitting on my living room floor, drinking my 5th iced matcha tea latte of the week, I decided to look.

The human psyche is a peculiar thing. Sometimes we forget how much we know about ourselves. Really, we’re the experts on our own lives. We are the keepers of the lessons and the dictators of what we do after they’re learned.

Last September, I took a dive into “Morning Pages,” which is essentially a journaling practice that involves writing stream of conscious style for three full pages as soon as you wake up in the morning. This kick started the habit and since then, I’ve written short and long entries about everything under the sun. One in particular, written on December 31st, listed 12 lessons that I learned in 2016. What little did I know about what would come my way.

These past 8 months have been nothing short of dramatic. Despite my absence on Sense of Sunny, my thoughts have often come back to this place. I intentionally took a posting hiatus to stay better connected with my IRL life, but I have not stopped writing. Like any writer, I have drafts and lists and unfinished thoughts weaved through out my phone, my notebooks, my journal and my Google Drive. Since the very beginning, I’ve wanted to use this space as any good blogger would–to use the perspective I’ve gained from my own experiences to help other people make better choices for themselves. But sometimes, it takes you 8 months to gain perspective, to gather the pieces and arrange them for all they’re worth.

In the spirit of drama, I have to admit that my presence here today was fueled by the last week of unfortunate events in my life. The week started with me getting hit in the clavicle by a fly ball and ended with my poor car getting hit by an inattentive driver. My knack for positivity allows me to find comedic relief in it all, but a crappy thing is a crappy thing, no matter how you look at it. I decided to stay home today to watch the rain fall down my window and drink my weight in tea. Which brings me to the re-discovery of my December 31st journal entry. Today isn’t the start of a New Year, or even a new week. But, I have a sneaking suspicion that no matter what day of the year it is, you could use a little advice or a new day or a new thought or a new friend to tell you that life is hard, but you can do hard things. Here I am to be all of that for you. Welcome back.

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Gift Guide: Non-Toxic Home (Under $20!)

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Gift Guide: Non-Toxic Home (Under $20!) | Sense of Sunny

I always start to kick myself this time of year for still not having a clue where to start my Christmas shopping. There’s so much pressure to find the perfect gifts that are valuable, meaningful and affordable. Of course, I find myself in a similar place this time around and I’m sure some of you are there with me. This gift guide for the non-toxic home will help you get in the giving mood and reach the new year feeling a little less broke.

These non-toxic gifts are great for the hostess in your life, as stocking stuffers, or in a gift basket for the new home-buyer/apartment-renter. Even if the recipient doesn’t (yet) have the goal of achieving a non-toxic home, everyone’s gotta start somewhere.

As I learn more about the toxins that surround us in our homes, our makeup bags, and even our showers, I want to keep learning all I can and continue to spread my knowledge to everyone I know. A non-toxic home is one that I’ve been working towards these past couple months, slowly, but surely.

If you take a look at any conventional item in your home, you’ll be surprised at how many ingredients are proven carcinogens–they’re in candles, dryer sheets, “cleaning” supplies and deodorizers. A quick search on the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) website will reveal just how bad these items are for our health. There are so many great alternatives for the common household products we assume are harmless.

These five gift ideas are all $20 or under, are free of any harsh chemicals and will make for a really great addition to any home.

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5 Road Trip Essentials For Holiday Travel

Road Trip Essentials for Holiday Travel | Sense of Sunny

Holiday travel season is upon us! From parties, family reunions and romantic getaways to dreaded shopping malls and grocery stores, we’re bound to spend a lot of time in the car these next couple months.

Below are a few essentials to get you through your next road trip and the plight of holiday traffic.

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